When you hear the word “Cocktail”, it comes to your mind a complexity mixture of beverages served on a glass. Then, how bartenders are making them? Well, Bartenders are like chefs and cocktail seems to be a perfect cooking procedure follow certain recipe. Therefore, a cocktail needs its “mise en place” (preparation of its ingredients, garnish etc), design, method of preparation in order to make it attractive on appearance and on flavour

The first cocktails have been created middle 18th century. Throughout the years, cocktails continue to have the same traditional mixing procedure for their creation. All you need is a Spirit, sweetness (sugar syrup or liquid or puree) and bitter.

Classic Cocktails become very popular nowadays. With the same ingredients, but with different way of preparation or different design, bartenders nowadays they create the new version of a classic cocktail. If we take “Negroni” for example, a cocktail of 100 years old, bartenders still using the same ingredients, but it looks different or tastes a little different. That is because garnishing such us dry Orange, or orange twist had replaced the simple slice of orange that old school bartenders used to add. Moreover, nowadays bartender had created fusion tastes of Negroni by adding the mixture of Negroni to a wooden barrel for a certain period to get the wooden fusion taste inside the cocktail (Aged Negroni). Besides, on some occasions, they add one large round ice instead of the classic ice cubes.

Many classic cocktails had been contemporary changed to nowadays needs. Imagination & creativity are considered the number one factors of turning famous classic cocktails into Classic Cocktails with Twist